Hydrogen + Hemp + Nitric Oxide

We are living in times of heightened stress and uncertainty. Now more than ever we need to stand up for our freedom and sovereignty and take responsibility for our health and wellness. We have combined 3 our favorite tools to help keep our bodies and minds in alignment and balance through the chaos. It is time to move beyond surviving into thriving!

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  • HYDROGEN -  Water: We know water is the key to life, but is the water you drink enhancing your life or taking from it? If the water you drink is not filtered correctly, then your body becomes the filter. Enhanced Hydration and absorption with micro-clustered water.
  • ​HEMP- Most of us have heard about the power of hemp and what it can do for the body whether it is for pain, mood, or stress. But not all hemp products are created the same. We will review what forms of hemp and combinations of different cannabinoids work best on the body and how to maximize the benefits through specialized delivery systems and broad-spectrum support. 
  • NITRIC OXIDE - Nitric Oxide levels drop as we age, increasing likelihood of cardiovascular disease, stroke, sexual dysfunction, memory loss, and poor physical performance. Keeping Nitric Oxide levels supported help to optimize healthy cardiovascular function, athletic performance, brain health, immune enhancement and vitality. Learn what natural substances can assist the body in increasing the production of healthy nitric oxide levels.
Nicole James - CFMP CNC
Nicole James is a certified functional medicine practitioner, nutritional consultant, speaker, mentor, and business coach. She has been in private practice for over 10 years, working with clients across the nation and around the world. Her focus is to discover underlying root causes of imbalance and disease by optimizing health through functional and nutritional testing, advanced detoxification protocols, energy field analysis, metaphysical anatomy, ancient healing modalities, and rewiring the mind-body connection. As The Quantum Nutritionist Nicole teaches the power of the mind and energy field, what influences it, and the dramatic effects it can have on the body, creating wellness or dis-ease. 

Email: quantumnutritionist@gmail.com
Twitter: @drnicolejames
IG: @thequantumnutritionist
Evan Folds - Be Agriculture
Evan Folds is a serial entrepreneur and regenerative business consultant with his platform Be Agriculture (www.BeAgriculture.com) where he advocates that regenerative agriculture is the answer, and that eating is an agricultural act. Evan has had a lifelong fascination with what he calls “Activated Water”, and has spent decades researching water systems and sources. He serves as an elected Supervisor of New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation District, where he works towards generating awareness and action towards the vital importance of healthy soil and clean water. 

Email: evanfolds@gmail.com
Cell: 910-232-3598
IG: @evanfolds
Denise Costello - RN MS
Denise is a Cannabis Nurse, Holistic Healer and creator of the Pro-Immunity Lifestyle Formula.
She has over 30 years experience in the medical field working as a veteran Air Force flight nurse,founding nurse coordinator at Winchester Hospital Breast Care Center, founder of The Energized Body nutrition system and co founder of Chrysalis Meditation Center. Most recently her focus has shifted to educating individuals and how to relieve suffering due to stress, chronic illness, anxiety, cancer, and pain, through the use of cannabis/CBD, frequency healing, mindfulness based practices and diet that activate self healing and reduce pain, suffering and the reliance on pharmaceuticals. It is her desire to assist individuals in curating a personalized pro-immunity lifestyle supported by cutting edge tools and holistic practices, giving them the most up to date high- vibe modalities so they can get off their meds, stay out of the hospital, and live the fulfilling life they were created for. 

Email: dcostello50@gmail.com
IG: @denisecostello